Something old, something new . . .

Something old - for those who attended the pumpkin patch this year, we noted that the rain had kept us out of the large Klein grass field. It had us nervous as we thought we were going to have to buy some hay to get through the winter. Which would have been a bummer since we had so much grass in our fields. Luckily we were able to get some baled and are in good shape. We even had a few to sell. Chloe and I wound up moving some the last few bales yesterday.

Something new - We decided to try and add something new to the ranch this year so we planted several rows of tulips. Maire loves them so I'm hoping these do well and we have something new to offer customers this year. I planted them in one of the old cattle pens in hopes of keeping the deer at bay. Will let you know how things go in the spring.

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